Sunday, August 11, 2013

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      The day before yesterday, a crowd of 22410 Chicago United Center standing ovation, witnessed the Bulls Dynasty old legend Pippin handed his number 33 cheap nfl nike jerseys china up. From the name of Pippin and Jordan Jerry Sloan, Bob Lewood, side by side, become the United Center eternal legend.
      Pippin is a good time to catch up, if his students 40 years earlier, he retired it, say nothing of TV broadcast, in the newspaper headlines, even a little face is a luxury. This is called: day, also people and.
      Last week, a total of two jersey retired, two pieces are all big. First tell Pippen retirement ceremony Jersey, good day bull deliberately chose a vs. Lakers, to ensure that the Lakers coach "Now Zen master" Johnson must attend, Jordan, Hoenes Grant dynasty era veteran all arrived at the scene, even Rodman in his book "I this damn" finish after the promotion, is not to the crematory to "damn", but to accept with Pippen cheers.
      However, in the United States of America NFL (American Football League) to hot than NBA, so this was compared with another NFL star Rigi White to some inferior. Rigi White is known as the NFL history's most outstanding defensive player, his jersey retired was specially arranged in December 4th, the highest rated NFL Monday the gold cup midfielder. When his number 92 shirt in the Philadelphia Eagles stadium high rises, the audience standing ovation, the daughter of White in person at the scene, singing the National Anthem of the United states. The Hawks also raised a special memorial White flag, also played a White documentary.
      40 years back in time, at that time not many people care about jersey. No one can remember NBA's first Jersey retirement ceremony then it happened, even the traditional sources of public opinions are divergent. Also, some people say that this is a transplant from the University Basketball League and come others believe that NBA is inspired from the baseball and NFL. The earliest recorded in NBA Jersey retirement ceremony took place in October 16, 1963, the Celtics on that day also sealed Cousy No. 14 and No. 22 Mccauley.
      Then the form simple and grand, all the people stood up, leading a words, collective drum palm, shirt up, that is. But retired before this shirt, I'm sorry, who also have never thought it would be. 40 years later, alone in the newspaper reporter to mention, even NBA staff also did not think of the recorded in the log.

Eli's cheap nfl nike jerseys in the Super Bowl fans giants pony

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Eli Manning's jerseys across the Lucas oil stadium. Last week, Payton (micro-blog) - Manning's younger brother has been Indianapolis's most popular player. In today's Super Bowl game, the Colts fans look more support Eli's New York giants jerseys, instead of Tom Brady of the new England patriots. Although many dressed in his shirt fans, but Payton - Manning blue jersey also can be seen everywhere, on this day they are giants fans. "I support the Eli," Colts fans Harry Dimitriaois said.
Dave Demlow is the Colts season ticket holders, he is wearing a blue shirt 18, he said he did not want to see the Patriots to celebrate their victory at home in Indianapolis. The past 10 years, the Colts and patriots are a pair of rival the most intense NFL competition. "We like Eli, we like giants," Demlow said. "We don't like the patriots."